Security Analyst

Security Analyst


Security Analyst

Detalles de la oferta

Business Unit / VP MEX Position to which he reports Security Specialist
Objective Manage and ensure the correct implementation of the processes and management of industrial protection risks of Nemak, which could affect the personnel, facilities or information of the company, ensuring the continuity of the business.
Main responsibilities
Ensure that all risks to which the staff is exposed, are identified and have some physical or administrative control that allows us to reduce or eliminate this impact. Manage all regulatory requirements to ensure the continuity of operations. Efficiently manage the resources provided by the department, and identify, evaluate and eliminate risks in security processes that may cause costs to the company
Profile requirements
Education Related
Languages English Advanced
Experience 1-3 years
Technical skills Physical Security, Project Management, Executive Protection, Analysis of Problem Solving, Investigationst, Risk Analysis, Technological Security and Operation Center Management, Risk Management, Access Control, and CTPAT.
Soft skills
Position location Nemak Garcia
Local / global candidates

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