Prncpl Technical Support Engr - Mexico City

Prncpl Technical Support Engr - Mexico City

Ruckus Wireless, Inc.

Prncpl Technical Support Engr - Mexico City

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RuckusNetwork Engineer
The Ruckus Network Engineer focussesin support for Ruckus network architecture, involved in implementing andproviding technical support for networking topologies such as LAN, WAN as wellas client internet applications. Ruckus Engineers deliver on-site support forall client network hardware services.
These engineers have a detailedunderstanding of network protocols such as TCP/IP, Wifi Technologies andunderstand how it operates on Ruckus’s proprietary ICX, Wireless, Controllersand management technologies
Network engineers often combine withother roles, such as system network architects or systems security engineers,and work within the company or as outside advisors.
Ruckus network engineer help in thenetwork execution for combined testing, repairing and documentation.
Engineers facilitate clientnetworking services both on-site or in the field by careful documentation ofbest practices and network topologies. This enables an organization to maximizenetwork performance. Ruckus Engineers, as per customer or client needs, supportmission-critical networks, thereby helping to prevent network issues beforethey arise.
The network expansion includes:analysis, design, configuration, and fixing issues with the network structureor application modules. The role of a network engineer is to make sure thatcommunications function through the network is uninterrupted and that thenetwork's performance sees the urgent requests. You would also deliver methods,statistics, and recommendations about network outlines and installations tomaintain the several features of the overall system performing optimally.
The position includes the followingessential job responsibilities:
To ensure that communications function across the network architecture and that the network’s performance meets client requirements
To test and document network TCP/IP performance
To configure effective routing policies and procedures and reconfigure policies to ensure the best performance
To install, configure and monitor essential network security protocols
To document cause analysis and offer solutions to prevent future client network outages
To identify and suggest network designs that will enable consistent client network workflow
To create customized network management tools to evaluate, monitor and report network statistics
To use network diagnostic tools as per Ruckus product requirements
To install network security protocols to prevent malware and other security threats
To maintain current customer network documentation that documents outages, changes, and best practices


Educationand Certifications
Candidates must possess a relevantdegree in computer science, IT or a related discipline. Certifications such asthe Ruckus CWNA, CWNP or Juniper’s JNCIS, JNCIP, and JNCIA or Cisco CCNP, CCNAand CCDA will demonstrate a thorough technical knowledge to prospectiveemployers.
Skillsrequired for the Ruckus Network Engineer
To become a successful RuckusNetwork engineer, following are the required skills which will boost up yourcareer:
Considerable network engineering understanding with exposure to wireless technologies, routing, and switching
Significant network engineering skill in network systems design (Visio, Excel, words, Documentation)
They should be capable of including, network management systems, PRTG (Paessler Router Traffic Grapher).
They should be aware of know-how in a formal network test plan and configuration including, Xena network tool, Wireshark, IP flow, SOIP, and USBOIP.
They should know software scripting, (API, Web Service, Syslog, etc.)
Understanding network security (firewalls and IDS) design and implementation.
Practice in LAN/WLAN design and pattern to include but limited to All WLAN Technologies
Worked in a secure environment with an understanding of MOD working practices
Good understanding of Virtualization technologies

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