Communications Manager

Communications Manager

Keeping Kids In School

Communications Manager

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Non-proffit Asociation is looking for a Communications Manager with digital skills (social media management, photographer, graphic designer, etc.). Full time job, advanced english is a must.

Job Description: Communications Manager

Reports to: the Board

The Goal of this position: Is to effectively inform and promote the KKIS Project, its brand, its people, and its mission by:

- Shaping the volunteer experience,

- Growing the donor base

- Overseeing Connections Program

Professional Qualifications

- Fluent in English & Spanish

- Excellent writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills

- Demonstrable social networking experience and social analytics tools knowledge

- Adequate knowledge of web design, web development,

- Comfortable with speaking in public

- Positive attitude, supporter orientation with good multitasking & organizational ability


Volunteer Coordinator

- Recruit and coordinate volunteers attendance to ECC and other activities

- Build strong relationships between the students, teachers & KKIS volunteers.

- Solicite feedback from the students re: their comfort level with the spoken language and help to implement program adjustments as required

- Maintain records of volunteers, # hours & # of students per class

Grow the Donor Base

- Peer to Peer and Monthly Online Giving Fundraising

o Create on-line campaigns to raise money for KKIS

o Drive traffic to the campaign(s) through social media, marketing, speaking engagements and word of mouth

o Thank all donors immediately

- Social Media, Marketing & Public Relations

o Generate, edit, publish and share frequent content that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action

o Use storytelling to move minds and engage supporters.

o Maintain data in Mailchimp and increase the number of email addresses

o Deliver impassioned speeches in support of the KKIS Mission

Oversee the Connections Program

- Bring inspirational speakers to public schools covering:

o Primarias: {Values / take care of the planet}

o Secondarias: {Find your dream and follow it}

o Preparatorias: {Introduction to different professions & education required}

- Organize Learning Experiences outside of the classroom

o Engineers & Architects Association field trips

o Spelling Bees

o Math Contests

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