Claims Manager Mi Mexico (Mortgage Insurance)

Claims Manager Mi Mexico (Mortgage Insurance)


Claims Manager Mi Mexico (Mortgage Insurance)

Detalles de la oferta

*Responsible for the development of the work team to take it to high performance levels
• Responsible for establishing annual objectives of the area
• Responsible for periodically evaluating the team, establishing feedback sessions and complying with the company's quarterly and annual process
• Ensure that training and advice is provided to clients in the claims process
• Must maintain excellent communication and a good relationship with the client,
• Participant of the monthly risk committee
• Participant in the review of new policies,
• Ensure the proper analysis and correct decision of the claims,
• Define processes and policies for the analysis of claims according to the specifications in the master policy,
• Keep the manuals and procedures of the area updated
• Ensure that system improvements are implemented to control and streamline processes,
• Provide training and coordinate claims analysts
• Customer service on claims issues and monitoring of their requirements to solve them,
• Provide information required for financial planning,
• Ensure that the reserve of claims in process for accounting closings is delivered,
• Ensure that periodic reports of claims are delivered for decision making,
• Ensure that the payment of claims is made within the time stipulated in the master policy,
• Responsible for presenting the claims to the established levels to approve their decision,
• Develop support tools for analysts where appropriate,
• Responsible for establishing controls and training specialists according to the findings and suggestions of internal and external audits,
• Attention to external and internal auditors,
• Work with the collection team to identify potential claims or customer training opportunities
• Responsible for the control and monitoring of the recovery process or final resolution as established in the Master Policy
• Maintain open and efficient communication with the internal risk, finance and IT areas
• Resolve doubts to the corporate about the situation of the claims
• Maintain a fluid communication with the corporate
Experience in analysis and granting of mortgage credit
Experience in customer service
Experience in handling work equipment
Experience in the analysis and payment of claims
Proper management of amortization schemes
Experience in managing payment histories
Communication skills in verbal and written English

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