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Angular Developer

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We have job opportunities for:
Required skills:
·Strong knowledgein AngularJS 1.x and Angular 5
·Proficiency withJavaScript and HTML5 and CSS3
·Strong knowledgeof APIs in any language.
·Professional,precise communication skills
·Deep knowledge ofAngularJS practices and commonly used modules based on extensive workexperience creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules andcomponents
·Experiencecreating custom, general use modules and components which extend the elementsand modules of core AngularJS and validating user actions on the client sideand providing responsive feedback
·Proficiency increating configuration, build, and test scripts for Continuous Integrationenvironments
Advanced English level
We offer:
·Great workenvironment & growth opportunities
·Direct 100%payroll contract
·Awesome employeebenefits like pantry tickets, major medical insurance, annual bonus, lifeinsurance, trainings and more.
Don't wait any longer and apply! Send yourresume to the referred email address and we will call you.
Technical Skills
SNoPrimary SkillProficiency Level *Rqrd./Dsrd.1Node jsPL2Required2BackbonePL3Required3Angular JSPL3Required4HTML 5PL4Desired5Advanced JavaScriptPL3Required6JavaScriptPL3Desired7CSSPL4Desired

* Proficiency Legends
Proficiency LevelGeneric ReferencePL1The associate has basic awareness and comprehension of the skill and is in the process of acquiring this skill through various channels.PL2The associate possesses working knowledge of the skill, and can actively and independently apply this skill in engagements and projects.PL3The associate has comprehensive, in-depth and specialized knowledge of the skill. She / he has extensively demonstrated successful application of the skill in engagements or projects.PL4The associate can function as a subject matter expert for this skill. The associate is capable of analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing solutions using the skill.Employee Status : Full Time Employee

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